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live it up

Discover Your Passion and Live a Meaningful Life

Residency and Second Passport

Embrace Adventure

Expand your horizons by embracing new experiences and adventures. Discover the world and all it has to offer.

Luxurious Lifestyle

Indulge in an opulent lifestyle, enjoying the finest experiences and luxury accommodations as you explore the world.

Relaxation and Serenity

Unwind and find inner peace in the serene and tranquil settings of the world's most beautiful destinations.

Global Mobility

Gain the freedom to travel and reside in a variety of countries, enhancing your lifestyle and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Investment Opportunities

Access new and profitable investment ventures, diversifying your portfolio and securing your financial future.

Cultural Enrichment

Immerse yourself in diverse cultures, broadening your perspective and granting you unique experiences and memories.

asset protection

Peace of Mind without paying for Protection under the gun

Tools for Privacy and Asset Protection

Web7 Local Platforms protect the Assets of Conscientious Investors who are Empowering ordinary people to become Stakeholders.

This is how Stakeholder Capitalism Resets one Community at a time.

Investors are fed up with forecasts that are 90% wrong.  

Even sincere Experts using Artificial Intelligence on Quantum supercomputers cant get it right.

Nobody can keep up when Collective Consciousness is expanding by millions of interacting variables daily injected into the systems.

Reliable solutions Exist.

Bullet-proof Asset Protection is not only possible but fulfilling as well.


Diversification Strategies in support of poor communities in resource-rich developing nations yield unimaginable ROI.

fun at work

End Professional Slavery and Make your own Rules of Engagement

How Working Tourists Make Money Traveling

Competition is forcing advertisers to embellish. Since 2020 the rules keep on changing faster than ever. Don’t take chances and miss life changing opportunities. Keep on testing different options to verify the perfect match that fits your needs and desires. Many other individuals are interested in your explorations. That’s your income opportunity to help others learn from your adventures.

100x roi

Learn from the Ruling Class how your money will work for you

Financial Independence

The old style Ruling Class multiply their wealth at much higher rates than 100% ROI. Their sold out Talking Heads tell ordinary people that There is no Risk Free Investment.

Fear works and click-hungry influencers keep on spreading FUD by focusing on unrealistic claims made by Ruling Class Regulators who can’t regulate themselves. They are preparing ordinary people for long and onerous fights against the establishment.

Lessons from Lao Tzu and David teach us how to Locally bring Giants to their Knees with a single Roi Mat Move.


The $King is Dead - Long live Bitcoin

The Rise of Bitcoin

Numbers don’t lie and they prove that Bitcoin has a maximum supply of 21 million units. Because of an Algorithm, there is no way that more Bitcoin will ever be created. As of Jan uary 2024, there is less than 3% of Bitcoin Units available for sale -about 50,000 units.

For the past 10 years, Bitcoin has outperformed all other Investments by far.

Up until January 10 2024, the US government had not published the rules for Pension funds and Professional Investment groups to hold Bitcoin in their books. Most Investment Managers are conservative and, without government regulation, they will not risk buying Bitcoin with the money of their investing clients.

The Gold standard has been declared as an unreliable way of backing up currencies. Many Central banks are planning to use Gold as a backup for their Fiat currencies. However, people are awakening up fast and have lost faith in the machinations of their Central Banks.

Once the Government regulations about Bitcoin ETFs were made clear there has been a flood of Bitcoin buying not only by Institutional Investors but also by countries in the world that have more than 70% of World’s population. More and more countries have dropped the US Dollar as means of International Trade transactions and rushing to buy Bitcoin.

Innovating for Global Progress

Drive innovation that transcends borders, advancing global progress and ushering in an era of sustainable and inclusive development.

Empowering Unified Solutions

Empower individuals and communities to develop unified solutions addressing real-world challenges and shaping a brighter tomorrow.

Cultivating Shared Prosperity

Cultivate a culture of shared prosperity, where collective success is driven by collaborative efforts and equitable opportunities.

Faith in Change

Believe in the power of transformation and be part of a fundamental change in the global paradigm, shaping a more equitable and purpose-driven society.


Enjoying Life's Pleasures is the Key to extending a Youthful Life of Vigor

Empower Your Wellness Journey

Unlock the secrets to a vibrant and energetic life by participating in our carefully curated global health network designed to nourish and empower your mind, body, and spirit.

Nature Immersion

Experience the revitalizing effects of nature for a harmonious spirit.

Scientific Collaboration

Connect with international researchers and contribute to innovative projects and medical breakthroughs.


You will Fulfill your Destiny when you become Free to do what’s Right for the people

Governments dominated by a wicked Ruling Class divide and Rule the good people that have no other choice but to comply to survive

A fload of New Technologies keep on showing up everyday. They are Open Source and empower responsible individuals to receive incentives and have the resources to stand up to local corrupt bureaucrats. A wave of people exercising their civic duties are holding accountable government figureheads that were once Untouchables. “I am just doing my job”, will no longer protect civil servants from personal prosecution via massive class action suits. Ethical P2P Foreign investment is pouring into Communities where Locals Unite and demonstrated the courage to Control their Local government.

BITCOIN is relatively unimportant when viewed as a Cryptocurrency

Year 2017 was a warm-up for the 2024 Crypto Dominance

Bitcoin has a fixed maximum supply of 21 million units, making it an exclusive and finite digital asset.

As of January 2024, less than 3% of Bitcoin units are available for sale, enhancing its scarcity and value.

For the past 10 years, Bitcoin has consistently outperformed all other investment opportunities, establishing itself as a formidable and enduring asset.

Collaboration Platforms

Would you agree with your government if they say that, for your protection, they must start a War with another Nation?

8 Flag Theory

Faith in Change

To become Wealthy you must Mimic those who are already Wealthy.  To stay Happy, you must regain your Solidarity.

Lifestyle choices favored by Elite Members who operate in seperate jurisdictions.


Live where you have the most freedom and choices.

Do Business

Transact with Digital Assets where Laws are Clear and Favorable.


Incorporate where you have the lowest tax burden.


Interact in countries where your ways are socially accepted.

Physical Assets

Bank whre your funds are secure and you can diversify.

Digital Assets

Establish business where its profitable.


Keep Real Assets where they are protected and can multiply.

Where to Play

Play where your hobbies are Legal.

What do we believe?

The new World Order will NOT be what we've been told.

Have Faith and co-create a Beautiful Future of Unity, Prosperity and Justice

Peace is more effective than fighting

Kindness is a better Strategy than self-interest

Collaborate with like-minded people and find solutions to Life’s real problems

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