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Cost Effective

"...the biggest bang for the smallest buck."

When we first looked into incorporating in Panama, the amount of results were overwhelming. We almost gave up right then and there, because we weren't really sure who to trust. Ultimately, we decided to go with the lowest price in order to get it over and done with. To our surprise, a representative from Panama Offshore Worldwide took the time to explain how to set up our corporation, make the money transfers and safeguard our assets. We were impressed by how they simplified the same facts that the other lawyers made so complicated. We came in looking for a quick, cheap fix and ended up with the biggest bang for the smallest buck.

AES Inc.


"They handle all the legal work within hours..."

I am a strong believer that you get what you pay for. I must confess that I would have never chosen Panama Offshore Worldwide if my Canadian accountant hadn’t vouched for them. In my eyes, they lost all credibility when they quoted $3,000 to form my corporation, help me open the bank account, transfer the deed and pay for the land transfer taxes. Most other lawyers charge over $7,000 for the corporation, the bank account, the closing documents, the land transfer taxes and $150 per hour for the 10 hours needed for processing all the paperwork for the 20 year property tax exemption. They asked for less than half the amount of everyone else. Luckily, I stayed with them long enough for them to explain that they dramatically cut costs by maintaining their headquarters right in the heart of Panama City. They handle all the legal work within hours!

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"...much faster than other companies..."

I've been creating offshore corporations for my clients for over 12 years in places like Seychelles, Cyprus, and Belize. Very recently my clients have started asking more and more about incorporating in Panama. My past experience with other legal companies that deal with Panama was satisfactory at best. I was ready to take Panama off my "recommended countries" list until I found Panama Offshore Worldwide. Not only was their service much faster than other companies that were based in a completely different continent, but they also helped me realize that none of my clients should have to pay a lawyer exuberant fees to open accounts for them. Panama corporations are now at the top of my list.

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