Legal Protection and Offshore World Wide Payment Protection is at the heart of our business that moves our 5 core services:

Payment Processing – Offshore Bank Accounts
Legal Tax Structures –  Offshore Companies
Foreign Residency – Second Passport Offshore
Collaboration Income – Offshore Affiliates
Privacy Protection – Anonymous Bank Account

If you break a Law you will get in trouble even if the law makes no sense, is used to violate your human rights, is designed to protect groups taking unfair advantage of you or allow others to commit atrocities and start wars by fabricating perceived threats.


There are legal ways to bypass certain laws without breaking them or violating the rights others.  Using legal structures you will be able to get ahead and impact meaningful changes to communities.

If you believe that it would be detrimental to blindly obey all laws but you need to stay out of trouble, consider share the future vision of collaboration.

You could collaborate as Offshore Affiliates with citizens in other countries where it is legal to do what is illegal in your own country.  Using this strategy, you can legally derive income in an offshore bank account that is operated by an anonymous offshore company,  You can have a second passport as protection from possible future travel restrictions.   If it helps your lifestyle or your business, you may also have a foreign residency in the country that best suits your needs.  For example, you can have a Panama Permanent Residence Visa and live for a while in the UK where your children attend University, return to work for few months in China, catch a flight to enjoy the beaches of Greece during the summer or move from one country to another and live there for a while.

The above description has been a secret of the rich.  The Elite calls it the “Multi-Flag System”.
Now this opportunity is open to anyone at little or no costs.

Flag 1.  Foreign Residence
You can live wherever you like for as long as you want

Flag 2.  Second Passport
You can have this as insurance for when something goes wrong

Flag 3.  Offshore Bank Account
You can operate your account in a different jurisdiction than your company or in any other country where you live, work, invest, etc

Flag 4.  Offshore Company
You can incorporate your company in a different jurisdiction than your bank account or any of the other countries where you live, work, invest, etc

Flag 5.  Work
Work anywhere where your physical presence may be required or live wherever you want while working online.

Flag 6.  Invest
Work anywhere where you need hands-on supervision of your investments or live wherever you prefer while managing your investments online.

Flag 7.  Citizenship
Manage carefully to stay within the law with tax obligations and assets in the country where you were born

Flag 8.  Total Freedom
Play and let loose without inhibitions and no restraints wherever you want while being anonymous without any ties to anyone or with anything.

You don’t need to know the language were you live because you use interpreters for face to face transactions and translators for the rest. 

The Multi-flag System could run from everywhere and anywhere.  It has decentralized governance ensuring Trust with Algorithms and Smart Contracts.  Your collaborations don’t necessarily belong to one particular individual unless you prefer this way.  It is most effective with a group of vetted collaborators using compliant Blockchain technologies.

Welcome to The Future
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