How Offshore Affiliates Make Money Online

Every word in our Brand name reflects a part of our purpose as stated in our slogan:

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Pay it Forward

We proudly form Private Offshore structures to Protect Clients who we get to know personally and verify that they are high integrity individuals with a vision to create a better future for Humanity. We recruit from a select group of clients and facilitate the formation of Harmonious Alliances that will Multiply their earned Wealth.  Through a Web of Collaborations we become empowered to Pay it Forward with systemic Altruism and the objective to elevate our collective frequency… LEARN MORE


Because we offer:

Access to senior analysts with years of East Asian, Central & Latin American, US, Canadian and European business experience.

Licensed Accountants in Hong Kong and Lawyers in Panama working in collaboration with tax specialists, in Canada, Australia, South Africa and the USA, most Latin American and European countries including Russia as well as China, India and Singapore.

Simplified trade mark and copyright protection systems to validate your offshore structure and guard your intellectual property.

Representatives on site at Panama’s government registry and the Immigration Office… LEARN MORE

Become Too BIG to Fail

The Elite use Anonymous Bank Accounts. The financial elite have methods to legally keep their anonymous bank accounts out of reach from financial predators.

What you need to operate an Anonymous Bank Account is:

Accurate Information: In the Information Age this should be easy to get.  But the right information about Anonymous Bank Accounts is obscured behind firewalls of half truths making privacy seem impossible.

Constant Change: Governments play cat and mouse games with their taxpayers by constantly changing the rules.  They do everything possible to prevent Anonymous Bank Accounts because it costs them tax revenue.  The saying “you‘ll get run over if you just sit there” holds true now more than ever.  Well informed, international entrepreneurs on the go can stay ahead of this game, maintain their privacy and reduce their tax burden while minimizing risks of business failures… LEARN MORE

Offshore Affiliates

Lazy Ass Stoner commented: “I’ve been in the affiliate marketing game for a while and I constantly get questions… how I make money through affiliate marketing..”  


While most businesses are suffering, many Network Affiliates are making millions. But many people attempt to become Affiliates without knowing exactly how to make money online.They spend countless hours chasing their dream in front of a computer, they even pay good money to fake “Millionaire Gurus” who are full of empty promises. At the end, they become discouraged and end up losing their time and money.

In order to make money on line, the determining factor for success is the wise selection of a quality Affiliates Collaboration program that is mentored by a results-driven management team. The participants’ dedication, diligence, integrity and the power of the internet will do the rest to get them started in making money within a brief period of time… LEARN MORE

How to Become an Offshore Affiliate

How Offshore Affiliates Make Money Online 
Work Less – Pay Less Tax – Keep more of your Money

Offshore Affiliates travel all over the world making money online. They have mostly tax-free income and end up with more of their own money than most professionals.

After 7 years of preparation, our core group is poised for a rapid expansion in Making Money online with BlockChain Applications and Bitcoin.

We have openings for the following Participation Methods

TraineesFreelancersInternsAffiliatesPartnersEmploymentLEARN MORE

BlockChain Offshore Affiliates will Become the New Generation of Millionaires

In many industries during the short period between 2017 and 2018 the soaring demand for trained blockchain professionals, pushed the annual salary to over $300K plus bonuses. These opportunities will not last for ever. Newcomers need to allign themselves and receive training from recognized groups with experience in the trusteless collaborations that are enabled by the blockchain technologies. Caution needs to be excercised in making the right choices. Most of the blockchain startups are destined for failure in the same way that we saw it happening during the dot com bubble in 2000 and 2001.



Twenty-five years ago “offshore” was a dirty word. We had to travel from the Netherlands to the Caymans and then to Panama and back to Lichtenstein till we could gather glimpses of highly classified information that would enable us protect our own assets in a predatory economic environment. Today, anyone can do a Google search and get hundreds of services that will incorporate companies anywhere in the world. Reputable law firms have a lot of experience in pushing forward the paperwork flawlessly. But that’s the easy part. Very few have a clear understanding of the needs of the foreign businessman or investor. Even fewer have undergone an audit in the USA, Canada or Europe… LEARN MORE

About Us

Our privacy specialists have created relationships with regional experts from all over the world. Such experts monitor trends, grass roots movements, laws and policies before they come into effect. Although we are only based in Panama and Hong Kong – the two largest ports in the world – we exchange our services by forming offshore IBCs for Lawyers, Accountants and Registrants in all major Offshore and High Tax jurisdictions… LEARN MORE