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Incorporate in Panama While You Still Can

Incorporate in Panama While You Still Can...

As the recession deepens, new and higher taxes are introduced, forcing many business people to protect their assets offshore. As a result, the high-tax governments will soon have to impose stricter regulations that would make it much more difficult and expensive to incorporate offshore and open new bank accounts.

Don’t delay; take advantage of the opportunity to avoid taxes, protect your assets and maintain your anonymity while you still can.

We'll show you how to avoid:



Once you know what NOT to do, you'll be safe to start building the offshore structure that will allow you to:


Avoid Taxes
Protect Your Assets
Become Invisible


1. Why Panama

2. Why We're Different

3. Requirements

4. Incorporate Now

Panama Offers:

We are the ONLY service of our kind that offers:

  • Audit-proof paper trail
  • Free assistance opening bank accounts
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • FREE 7 days a week, 16 hour availability for live chat and phone consultations for ALL of our clients
  • Access to a senior analyst with 25 years of US, Canadian and European business experience
  • Licensed lawyers in Panama managed by a US attorney with 32 years experience with international law
  • Representatives on site at Panama’s government registry
  • Secure payment processing via Paypal with payment gateways for eChecks, credit cards, wire transfers
  • and more

There are TWO basic requirements to incorporate in Panama:

  • Payment of the incorporation and first year of operation, from $900
  • Photocopies of the authorized persons’ passport(s), and a 2nd ID with address(es) Incorporating in Panama is simple!


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Clients Say


Offshore Wealth Web showed me a code in US tax Law that we used with my new structure that reduced my effective tax rate on passive income from 40% to 10% and also saved me $15,000 per year in accounting fees. No wonder my (ex) accountant didn't take the initiative to show me this loophole that would have made him obsolete since I now have no need to fight with the IRS over qualified deductions.

B. K. Santa Barbara, CA


"The personal attention I have received from Panama Offshore Worldwide was outstanding..."

Aquarian International Foundation

When I was fighting civil litigation to defend the assets that were protected by my Panamanian foundation, the attorneys and nominated directors did not take advantage of the situation and provided me with all the documents requested by the judge without compromising my privacy or risking the loss of my assets .


"...the biggest bang for the smallest buck."

AES Inc.

"They handle all the legal work within hours..."

Orgone Life Energy Water