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What the EXPERTS Won't Tell You About Opening a Bank Account in Hong Kong

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hong kong offshore bank account
Hong Kong is one of the most popular offshore tax havens, and a popular choice amongst North American and International entrepreneurs looking to protect their assets.

Offshore Worldwide will show you:

  • How to protect your assets the RIGHT way
  • Common mistakes you NEED to avoid
  • Latest updates on new international laws that will affect the SAFETY of your assets
  • The BEST combination of banks, types of corporations, and countries to facilitate your failsafe offshore structure with the lowest transaction fees


  • Ultimate Privacy from Western Governments

    Some offshore jurisdictions may buckle under the pressure of the G20 countries but Hong Kong, is the center of international commerce and has the bucking of China. Only Chinese Citizens may have to consider a different jurisdiction to maintain their privacy.

  • Best Commodity Trading in the World

    In this ever-fluctuating global economy, where the value of the world's largest currencies are no longer on firm ground, Hong Kong is the best market in the world to buy and sell gold, silver and platinum to further safeguard your assets after they have been hidden from prying third parties.

  • Low Minimum Deposit

    Unlike many offshore banks that require a large initial deposit in order to open up bank accounts, Hong Kong's minimum deposits are very reasonable and are within the scope of even small entrepreneurs.

  • Lower Transaction Fees

    Hong Kong is different than other offshore tax havens because unlike most European banks that dislike high activity on your bank accounts, Hong Kong actually welcomes and encourages bank accounts with high traffic, because of its long-standing history as the largest trade market in the world. Because of this, their transaction fees are much lower than most other offshore banks. Hong Kong banks are experts at multi-currency accounts and offer such expensive services with very low fees.