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Every problem comes with a solution. During these turbulent economic times, the Internet has opened doors for almost everyone to step up their game and get into the same league as the 'old money' and the multinationals. Success is a matter of time for those with determination, know-how, talent and access to some capital. Bootstrapping a dream into an overnight sensation has become rather common nowadays but even those without any money could collaborate so they, too, can join the 'internet gold rush', if, they are determined to stop at nothing until they succeed – within the parameters of the law.

A businessman can run their 'Philippines Nani Agency' or 'Thai Dating Service' from a Starbucks in Wichita and serve his clients in Dubai and Paris who pay him with credit cards that are directly deposited in a Panama bank account.  A small time investor can belong to a trusted and closely guarded international group – guarded by its own members and not the bureaucrats. Such groups have the collective resources to sniff out insider investment information in guaranteed short term opportunities that abound in foreign stock exchanges, international commodity markets, micro business and agricultural loans, for-ex, precious metals and other commodity traders that can work with them. Returns on investment rival the returns of the 1% who used to have exclusive access to such vehicles.

Just about anybody can offer their services via internet portals that cater to international businesses. Outsourcing work that used to be done by full time employees, is the way of the future.

Don't allow fear and bad news to make you freeze and remain complacent. Your government isn't going to solve your problems. They can't even pay their own bills.  More and more municipalities are filing for bankruptcy. There is a silver lining under the dark clouds. The Brave New World does not have to be what some seers prophesied. The opportunities belong to the brave people who are ready and willing to take action NOW while the sitting ducks will get washed away in a Hurricane Katrina fashion.

  Don't “Wait and See”.  The Doors are Closing and Time is quickly Running out.