05May 2019

OPENING A PANAMA OFFSHORE BANK ACCOUNT HAS MANY BENEFITS In the original publication of this information in 2014, we had forecasted that during the year 2015 the international economic landscape will change dramatically. Back then, we didn’t know the exact date but we knew that, historically, such events happen overnight and take 72 hours (usually over […]

06Apr 2019

The answer to this question depends completely on your situation, and a definitive answer can only be given if you explain your situation to us during a no-obligation consultation.  Keep in mind that becoming the director of your own corporation completely forfeits all of the anonymous benefits of a corporation with nominee directors.  As a general […]

18Mar 2019

5 Reasons why Panama’s Bank Secrecy and Privacy Laws are the Best in the World Last Updated: August 29, 2018 | by Offshore WorldWide | Related Article: Anonymous Panama Bank Panama has the best Bank Secrecy and Privacy Laws in the world because of these 5 Reasons: Panama Bank Secrecy Laws — Panama Bank 1. The Shares of […]

11Feb 2019

The proposed Bill 595 to regulate Medicinal Cannabis was introduced to Panama’s Legislative Assembly on October 31, 2016 by its initial proponent, Legislator Jose Luis Castillo. In Panama, the issue of legalizing Medical Marijuana was a subject of much controversy but in 2018 Bill 595 was fast-tracked. Starting during the first week of 2019, Bill […]

03Feb 2019

Many firms offer Panama bank accounts that give you access in less than 48 hours.  They will usually charge a premium for this expedited service, because clients interested in having the bank account opened yesterday will gladly pay extra to have it done as soon as possible.   The reason given for the ability to […]

26Jan 2019

Our privacy specialists have created relationships with regional experts from all over the world. Such experts monitor trends, grass roots movements, laws and policies before they come into effect. …

26Jan 2019

Reputable law firms have a lot of experience in pushing forward the paperwork flawlessly. But that’s the easy part. Very few have a clear understanding of the needs of the foreign businessman or investor. Even fewer have undergone an audit in the USA, Canada or Europe.