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Why Future Millionaires will be


While most businesses are suffering, many Network Affiliates are making millions.  But many people attempt to become Affiliates without knowing exactly how to make money online.  They spend countless hours chasing their dream in front of a computer, they even pay good money to fake “Millionaire Gurus” who are full of empty promises.   At the end, they become discouraged and end up losing their time and money. 

In order to make money on line, the determining factor for success is the wise selection of a quality Affiliates Collaboration program that is mentored by a results-driven management team.  The participants’ dedication, diligence, integrity and the power of the internet will do the rest to get them started in making money within a brief period of time.

You can see a success story of one of the many Affiliates that has made it big.  Just take a look at what a young man by the name of Jay Wessman (AKA Lazy Ass Stoner) has to say about it. 

Then ask yourself: "If Mr. Lazy Ass Stoner can make it BIG on his own, why can't I make money online by Collaborating with the right people?"


 Even Affiliates who are self-proclaimed "Lazy Ass Stoners" can make money on line

while you're busting your balls and are still penny pinching just to pay your bills


Lazy Ass Stoner commented: "I've been in the affiliate marketing game for a while and I constantly get questions... how I make money through affiliate marketing?.." 


The administrative aspect of forming a corporation carried out seamlessly by professionals who have formed thousands of corporations all over the globe.  The difference of the network is an extensive experience in the tax laws of the various jurisdictions where their clients reside.

Because of the nature of our business, we are obligated to get to know our client before we make the decision to get involved with them.  With only few exceptions, the majority of cases are to work with law abiding citizens who wish to minimize their exposure to taxes and use our asset protection structures. It is particularly rewarding when we meet with startups that show great potential.  We end up forming solid friendships while helping them kick-start their businesses through our network of contacts in related fields.  One client at a time, we have been setting up the foundations for collaboration with a group of sovereign entrepreneurs who look forward to a great future of success in the booming industries that are being established in up-and-coming, developing nations all around the Globe.

Whenever our Affiliates require training to build their business, they have access to one of the most extensive personal mentoring system that are offered by specialized professionals under the protection of senior offshore analysts and compliance officers.  New Affiliates who can make a serious Commitment and have the Integrity to follow through, will find guaranteed Success under the umbrella of Agile Collaboration.

The deal with our affiliates is clear and clean.  We pay your fees within 3 days from receipt of payment from your referral.  Your referrals will be permanently recorded in your record so you will be compensated for all their future purchases and referrals.  Get more details about our Program of Affiliates.


The second biggest obstacle to becoming a multi-millionaire is the banking system.  To say “The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own it” sounds like a joke but, in Panama, the dream of owning an international bank has become a reality for many groups of entrepreneurs.  A self-controlling, financial brotherhood with a clear understanding and interpretation of the economic trends, can create a solid international bank with the potential to create wealth for its owners and clients.  If you are ready to “think out of the box” and let your imagination create your most desirable realities let us know


Why the Future Millionaires will be Sovereign 
and Other Participants




Our core team consists of well-established Business affiliates, Lawyers, Bankers, Accountants and Marketers who are helping a select group of experienced clients to collaborate with Generation X to Z Affiliates, Freelancers, paid Trainees and Interns who are training to become super affiliates and, eventually, partners.  The plan is to develop the future generation of business by working on hands-on projects that will exponentially grow existing small and medium sized business to kick-start the most brilliant sectors of the international economy through the use of undiscovered and/or concealed technologies.


We are committed to Agile Collaboration, Artificial Intelligence (Expert Systems) and blockchain based FinTech.   For our base of operations, we have chosen the Tax Heaven of Panama.   Since everyone wants to go to Heaven, Panama has become one of the most popular countries where people for all over the world are coming to live, have fun and work as owners or affiliates of  international business. One of the things that we do is help millionaires, rich people, middle class professionals, startups, affiliates, students and workers to find success and refuge in our heaven that will soon be referred to as the Silicon Valley of Latin America.  


A big part of our contribution to the international world of business, is to teach small and medium sized businesses and their affiliates how to operate like the wealthy, multinational corporations by using the same sound practices of keeping their Privacy, Asset protection and efficient payment processing through offshore bank accounts.


Some of our affiliates physically move to Panama.  While most affiliates work online, quite a few visit us to receive help with a Panama residency.  The Panama Residency, helps our affiliates to keep their taxes to a minimum and invest the difference in growing their businesses faster.  Our group catapulted Panama’s economy out of the 2004 recession and we are now working feverishly to take Panama to a whole new level.  We plan to recruit more affiliates and help many other countries grow their economies by using the same libertarian strategies that have propelled Panama into becoming an economic heaven.


As the old systems are dying out and the replacement systems have yet to fully bloom, most countries have 50% unemployment rates among their university graduates who are loaded with an unrepayable student debt.  The “experts” are warning that the 50% unemployment rate will become 90% as the future generations are ushered into a “Hunger Games” scenario.  We beg to differ.  There are ways for some pioneer affiliates to thrive even with a 90% unemployment rate and drive humanity into an Equitable economic system that breeds Abundance and Liberty.


We invite the Generation X to Z Affiliates - 14* to 32 years of age - to collaborate, flex-time or full time, with established business people, of any age, who have already developed good-will and are committed to the noble aspiration of creating a better future for humanity that will be void of the wars that nobody needs.


Contact us if you are motivated to develop your full potential, hone in your skills and relentlessly practice to acquire extraordinary talent that will lead to prosperous careers as super affiliates.   Instead of waiting to get a job that may never come, you can create abundance and bring Heaven on Earth for borderless societies of affiliates who share as if we are all inter-connected.

(*) We will consider as Affiliates select High school students who can demonstrate developed skills and extraordinary talents.